Diversify the underground electronic music scene and educate in style and taste.


We are a bunch of people in love with the playful electronic sound and the positive vibes of our guests and residents. Our mission is to create a community associated with higher music values, to diversify the underground electronic scene and educate in style and taste.




That Divine pres. Roi Perez, Raredub & Downside

12 Oct 2019

Diving deep into the winter season with our next event, this time in the newly opened space in Sofia Koncept Space.

A standout act of the ever growing Israeli scene, Roi Perez has been unleashing his full potential in the last 5 years in Berlin and in particular at the Panorama Bar. His rhythms range from techno and electro to house and disco. In his company we will be listening two of the very promising native artists and our big time favorites: the local to the Sofia audience Raredub and the resident of the legendary FUSE Brussels, Downside.

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https://www.thatdivine.com - About "That Divine at the Backyard": Starting in 2018 from a backyard in our hometown of Varna and after a bunch of successful events so far we decided to continue and develop this concept into own event series. This takes part in our general mission to diversify the electronic music scene and offer our community alternative music experiences.

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