Diversify the underground electronic music scene and educate in style and taste.


We are a bunch of people in love with the playful electronic sound and the positive vibes of our guests and residents. Our mission is to create a community associated with higher music values, to diversify the underground electronic scene and educate in style and taste.




The time has come for a backyard at our seaside home ground!

Starting last year from a backyard at downtown Varna and after 3 successful events so far it's just logical to continue and develop this concept into own event series. Aiming to transform cozy urban spots into a pop-up daytime playgrounds, our Backyard series are dazzling celebration of unbiased musical sprout. The traditional focus would be again one DJ for about 6 hours mix all day long, starting in the afternoon and ending around 22h.

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The man in the highlight for our third all-day-long backyard edition is Petar Vasev a.k.a. Raredub. Undoubtedly one of the few rising acts of the tiny Bulgarian electronic music scene and we caught him on camera rocking a party back and forth full power.

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